cPanel Tutorials: Email Accounts

This video explains how to use the Email Accounts interface in cPanel.

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We filmed this tutorial with cPanel & WHM version 54 and the Paper Lantern theme, so the interface and features may differ from the current version. We’ll produce newer tutorials as the feature evolves and improves.

Please let us know if there are additional features or procedures that you would like for us to demonstrate with a walkthrough in video format.


  1. svi sri on

    Hi, I was trying to setup the email account on my android phone and it was not letting to setup the account maybe because of the server name. Could you please let me know the server name to setup the account?

    Thank you

  2. sam mick on

    Hello, Cpanel is awesome to use. I so tired of searching how to create the E-mail account with PHP without logging into cPanel.
    There is no option in cPanel to published e-mail registration. i need help.
    Thank you

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