cPanel Tutorials: Introduction to the cPanel Interface (version 58)

This is an introduction to the main cPanel interface for cPanel & WHM version 58.

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We filmed this tutorial with cPanel & WHM version 58 and the Paper Lantern theme, so the interface and features may differ from the current version. We’ll produce newer tutorials as the feature evolves and improves.

You can find documentation about the main cPanel interface at

Please let us know if there are additional features or procedures that you would like for us to demonstrate with a walkthrough in video format.


  1. École de musique EXPRESSION on

    Oups! I changed the theme and now I’m stuck in WHMSONIC page with no way to come back to original theme. What should I do?

  2. Editi Ikpeme on

    Hello, I need assistance on regarding the website I manage. I notice that the physical memory usage is usually high on 495.11 / 512  while the IOS usage 1021 / 1024 KB/s  all coloured in RED.

    Kindly assist. Thanks

  3. Hardik Patel on

    एक होस्टिंग में कीतने प्रोजेक्ट रखा जाता है.
    और example:आपने डोमेन लिखा तो
    होस्टिंग में पड़े हूं ऐ प्रोजेक्ट रन हुआ, अब दूसरे प्रोजेक्ट है तो वो केछे रन हैगा इस के लिए url में क्या लिखे,
    रिप्लाइ प्लीज़ हीन्दी में दे,

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