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Learn about domain renewal. It is the only way to ensure you do not lose your domain name. Expired domains may be purchased by others. For more details visit and

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn about renewal options for your GoDaddy domain and how to make sure your domain name doesn’t expire.

When you register your domain, you decide how long you want to maintain the registration – anywhere from one to ten years. When that time is up, you can pay a renewal fee to retain your registration or let your domain name expire.

When a domain expires, it is released to the public where someone else may potentially register it as theirs.

That’s right… that clever, unique domain name you carefully selected and registered, the domain name that one else in the world has, can be released for re-use by the public, if you fail to renew your registration.

The best way to ensure your domain name stays yours is establishing auto-renewal.

During the registration process, your domain is set up to automatically renew upon expiration, unless you explicitly opt out. With auto-renew enabled, upon expiration, GoDaddy can automatically renew your domain name and charge the payment option you have on file with us.

Though it’s always a good idea to keep your account and billing information current, we know that credit cards do expire or you just might forget. If our initial billing attempt fails, GoDaddy will send multiple notifications before your domain expires.

Keep in mind, if you don’t turn on auto-renew, it’s your responsibility to manually renew your domain prior to expiration. Simply put, Auto-renew is the best way to ensure that you never risk losing your domain.

To make sure you have Auto-renew turned on for your domain name, click Manage in the Domains section.

If you don’t have Auto-renew turned on, this setting in the upper-left corner will be set to Off. To turn Auto-Renew on, just click the switch.

If you need to manually renew your domain name, click here (small gear icon) and choose Domain Settings.

Your domain’s expiration date is displayed here. To start, click Renew.

Select a term for your renewal, complete the purchase process … and your domain registration is once again secured!

Do you know when your domain name registration expires? Do you have it set to auto-renew? Don’t risk losing your domain, check its expiration date and turn auto-renew on now.


  1. sonu khan on

    Hi sir this is sonu khan my question is when i add the payment method on godadfy for my local bank account thay want mei to add routing number of 9 digits can you tell me what is routing number and how i find it …. thank

  2. Amit Barabi on

    I got a domain in your site, but I can’t do the next step because I need my server’s IP adress.
    how do I get it?
    do you have a video that can give me diraction to my server’s IP adress?

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