How to Install a Theme in WordPress

Learn how to find and install free themes through your WordPress dashboard, or buy and upload them. This detailed walk-through gives you instructions on how to filter, preview and install a theme.


  1. Carolyn Schack on

    I was able to download my template. My question is, there were two zip files. The main Salient zip and a child zip. Do I need to upload both?

  2. derotta1 on

    1 question i hope you answer do you need to buy premium to be able to actually upload your themes cause in version 4.2.2 it is not possible

  3. Normand Therien on

    Thanks for the info..but when i upload my new theme i do not see the site like you do see all of the site pictures and all..all i see is texte,, help thks i use wordpress 441 version with Bitnami open source

  4. Jon Saw on

    How can I get a backup from my site just in case during theme changing process I screw something? I want to feel confident that I can bring back everything. thank you

  5. WATCHMAN on

    Sheeet! They don’t offer free themes anymore! Not unless they make sure to bury the dang things so you have to pay for em’.

  6. Earl J Moniz on

    It appears the MojoMarketplace has changed all of this… why is this video still active…?
    You guys are making it easier to change hosting by the day…

    * * *
    How about updating this video to include uploading and installing Divi themes…?

    Until that time. . .

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