How to use the File Manager in cPanel

The file manager allows you to manage, transfer, and edit files directly on the server via the cPanel. No need for a 3rd party FTP program. This video demonstrates how to make use of this feature in your HostGator cPanel.

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  1. HostGator on

    You can click on the link in the description of this video and search for BaseKit on our support site for articles and videos on BaseKit. We also have BaseKit videos on our channel as well. Just search for BaseKit within our channel.

  2. john smith on

    1:23 “lets take a look at the images directory” I don’t have an images directory

  3. HostGator on

    Hi John. The directories in the video are just examples. Your directory structure and the files you see would differ based on the website you create or the content management system you use.

  4. Katrice Cornett on

    I need to add a squeeze page to collect email addresses to my site, it is a popup file. Please help

  5. Sharron Harper on

    Every Youtube Trainer should watch this video to see how to do an understandable educational video.

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