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Domain auctions are a great place to go to buy expiring domains or domains that are up for sale. This video gives an overview of the GoDaddy process. Become a GoDaddy Auctions member at: www.godaddy.com/auctions/domain-auctions

Welcome to “What are domain auctions?”

You know about online auctions, but have you heard about domain auctions?A domain auction is a marketplace for domain buyers and sellers.

Domains are more than just web addresses — valuable ones are like online real estate. And memorable domains or those that rank high in search engine results can grow in value over time.

Usually when a domain expires, it is sold at auction. An owner of an active domain can also put their domain up for sale.

And, just as bidding wars can erupt in online auctions over a rare baseball card, a domain name that is considered valuable can generate a ton of interest at a domain auction.

At GoDaddy Auctions, buyers can monitor domain auctions, in real time, from their desktop or by using a mobile app. Buyers can place bids right from their phones.

Sellers have a number of options when putting their domain up for sale. GoDaddy Auctions offers products to make your domain name more visible to buyers. Sellers can determine their preferred pricing strategy using a time fixed auction, wait for offers to come to them, or set a buy now price to sell quickly.

And everyone who participates in GoDaddy Auctions is protected by stringent fraud prevention standards to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

To learn more about buying and selling domains at GoDaddy Auctions, click the link at the end of this video.

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