WHM Tutorials: Reverse DNS IPv4

This video is a part of our new “I just installed cPanel & WHM, now what?” series of tutorials. It tells you how to set up reverse DNS for your server’s primary IP address and any other IP addresses that you send mail through.

Music by bensound.com

We filmed this tutorial with cPanel & WHM version 54, so the interface and features may differ from the current version. We’ll produce newer tutorials as these features evolve and improve.

Please let us know if there are additional features or procedures that you would like for us to demonstrate with a walkthrough in video format.


  1. Chosen Web Host on

    This is the best information I have found. Other resources did not explain having to setup a new DNS zone. Most of what I read sounded like this was all done or added to the domain name used for the server. Thank you for this information, it was clear and easy to follow and I got my PTR records setup in no time.

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